Could your High School use an extra $50,000

in fundraising?

We have an innovative solution that has never before been possible!

School Fuel is a win/win for the community!

School Fuel  is a brilliantly effective modern advertising method for local businesses to get in front of the strongly desirable, and hard-to-reach, target market demographic of local U.S. High School students (and their families) massive buying power.

Offering $50,000 in fundraising potential, free-and-clear, School Fuel is an advantageous opportunity for almost any High School; a far-cry away from the classic yearly bake sale. School Fuel  will soon be regarded as one of the most effective fundraising systems ever deployed in High Schools across America and beyond.

School Fuelinformative, fun, easy, and an incredible force behind driving revenue that benefits students, schools, and local businesses!

It’s truly a win-win for everyone!

How it Works

Don't worry, It's not too-good-to-be-true!


We are licensed to use this patented one-of-a-kind water bottle labeling system, featuring a custom printed front-panel, as well as five rotating slots which allow businesses/advertisers to reach their potential customers in a very unique, eye-catching manner that is sure to draw attention.


We provide subscribing High Schools with $50,000 worth of bottled water, free-and-clear. Additionally, the bottles feature the school's logo on the front panel of the label. The school is able to sell the branded bottles of water at 100% profit to put towards fundraising efforts, that directly impact the students extracurricular activities.


The aforementioned five rotating slots on the bottles are able to be reserved by local businesses, who wish to target their products and services to High Schoolers and their families. This provides a unique opportunity to reach a very powerful local advertising demographic, while benefiting the school's fundraising efforts simultaneously.

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Souvenior Status!

Proprietary labeling system is a hit!

This is one water bottle that you will not want to recycle! Not only does it feature the school's custom branding, but it spins to reveal exclusive and interactive promotions and discounts from local businesses.


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