and eye-catching

way to advertise.


    Build local brand awareness that directly converts to sales


    Reach the highly sought-after target market of 14-18 year olds


    Utilize this one-of-a-kind, eye-catching labeling system

School Fuel offers local advertisers a very cost-effective way to reach the coveted high school demographic target market, ages 14-18 years old.

High school students and their families have massive buying power. They represent a highly desirable market that is often difficult to reach, due to the speed of changing technologies and social media.


The basis for the “High School Fundraiser Model” allows five local advertisers to access a specific demographic.  They can facilitate offers via links to interactive applications, sites, QR codes, social media/lifestyle connections and other consumer engagement opportunities. Each order will be private-labeled and school-branded with their individual logo and content.

Here is how the "$50K School Fuel Fundraiser Model" works

for YOUR business:

  • Local businesses advertising on 50,000 water bottles, given for free to the local high school


  • 5 local advertisers pay $5,000 each per advertising spot on each bottle ($.10 per bottle)


  • Advertisers get literally in the hands of current and prospective consumers, the desirable 14-18 yrs age group, and their massive buying power


  • Advertisers access this coveted demographic – achieve ROI via advertising and instant redeemable coupons


  • Collecting valuable customer data via QR codes, offers via links to interactive applications, sites, social media/lifestyle connections and other consumer engagement opportunities


  • Sustainable growth, profits and recurring revenue stream for ADVERTISERS


  • Strengthening bonds and relationships with YOUR local high-school due to your generous and kind support of the local educational system


  • Tax Benefit – the invested $5,000 probably only costs you about $3,500 net of taxes, possibly less


Consequently, by advertising with School Fuel, you are supporting local schools, students, and parents with long-term fundraising solutions that make a huge impact!



School Fuel offers a dynamic and flexible marketing platform, a unique and interesting messaging space, and a creative approach that utilizes nearly twice the space on a standard water bottle. Advertisers are able to increase exposure and capture valuable marketing data.

Your ad will include your photo/logo, caption, and custom QR code! 
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  • More!

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Targeted Marketing has become a pillar for most businesses in terms of advertising. This approach is especially powerful when applied to a local community, as opposed to a national/global scale. School Fuel's unique business model and the licensed proprietary labeling allow an interactive experience that is sure to make an impact on viewers, and build brand awareness among highly qualified potential customers.

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