for your High School to earn $50,000!

With never ending budget cuts, the public school system is especially vulnerable.


It leaves a majority of high schools underfunded across the United States.


Out of necessity, the schools require multiple fundraisers or other ways to generate the funds needed for most extra- curricular activities, especially for athletic programs. In light of the dilemma, high schools are very receptive to high-compensation programs like School Fuel, which can help to bridge the gap in their budget deficit.

Here is how the "$50K School Fuel Fundraiser Model" works

for your High School:

  • YOUR High School will receive approximately 50,000 FREE private-labeled and school-branded water bottles per season (or more if needed)


  • YOUR High School will offer the water bottles at school events, tournaments, athletic competitions and other extra-curricular events in exchange for $1 donations per bottle (sell for SRP $1 each)

  • Families, friends, spectators, fans, coaches, kids and visiting teams will purchase the water at YOUR events – and redeem offers


  • Equivalent to $50,000+ generated fundraising for YOUR High School


  • Earned funds can be used at YOUR school’s sole discretion


  • Sustainable and recurring revenue stream for YOUR High School to bridge the financial deficits

  • Having a well-planned and well-executed fundraising strategy can make all the difference between thriving and simply surviving for many schools and their extra-curricular programs


School Fuel endeavors to enable high schools to utilize the keen interest of advertisers in this market demographic sector. It provides an opportunity for the high schools to raise much needed funds from the highly profitable sale of private-labeled school branded water bottles, at its athletic competitions and other extra-curricular events.

The water bottles are contributed to a high school as a fundraiser, which will generate approximately $50,000 in profit for each high school program subscription. As school budgets get tighter and tighter, these funds are greatly needed to help support classroom technology, school enrichment activities and tuition assistance.

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