Breakthrough Marketing Technology​

The patented “spin” label is actually two labels, a top label and a bottom label. As the consumer spins the top label, information on the bottom label is revealed through a window, thus increasing valuable messaging space on the bottles by approximately 90%.

  • Dynamic and flexible marketing platform, in the hands of current and prospective consumers

  • Valuable viewable advertising space, optimized to almost double the current area

  • Increased advertising space = more eyeballs, better ROI

  • Offers via QR code – data metrics

  • Private labeled water bottles for high schools

  • Featuring Two Label System – Turn/Spin


  • Patented Labeling Technology licensed from Spin Label Technologies Inc.

The technology is achieved by applying two labels to the bottle.  The underlying label is fixed, while the label above is allowed to turn or “spin” over the fixed label. As the consumer rotates the top label, information on the inner stationary label is revealed through windows or clear panels. These windows provide almost double the valuable messaging space, being used for the five advertisers.

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